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Alberta Association of Career Colleges
PO Box 34155
126 Kingsway Garden
Edmonton AB T5G 3G4

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Benefits of Membership

Each member of the AACC automatically becomes a member of the affiliate national body, the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC).

The AACC provides a cohesive voice to advocate on behalf of its members for issues that are of common concern.

The AACC aims to increase public and industry awareness of the quality of private colleges and their programs.

Association meetings provide forums to invite speakers of interest, either from government or other sectors, so that issues common to all members can be discussed.

Membership in the Association provides an opportunity to work in cooperation with other private providers in the province.

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Mailing address:
Alberta Association of Career Colleges
PO Box 34155
126 Kingsway Garden
Edmonton AB T5G 3G4

Phone: 780-433-7284
Fax: 780-435-6656


Member Colleges

Private Career Colleges meet the needs of students where they are in life and academics.

Each month, we will highlight a few of our Member Colleges:


Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture is one of the best schools in Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and massage in Canada. We have been providing excellent acupuncture, TCM and massage training to our students since 2003. Our Diploma programs provide students with high-quality acupuncture, TCM and massage education, in the form of in-class courses and hands-on training. Allow them learn acupuncture, TCM and massage, and write the Alberta Acupuncture licensing exam. Our graduates are confident acupuncturists and Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as massage therapists. They practice in Canada and internationally.

Campbell College

Train NOW for a recession-proof career path—Office Administration! As a Director of Campbell College, a private, post-secondary career college specializing in an 8-month Administrative Professional Diploma program, I am proud to currently maintain 90-percent employment success rates while our province and country is experiencing an economic downturn.  Our graduates are successful because well-skilled administrative workers are the backbone of all organizations. Can you imagine if either the Government of Alberta or the City of Edmonton lost its administrative support workers?  Services would cease and departments would (literally) not function!  Administrative work is essential to all industries and organizations, and positions continue to open as baby-boomers retire from office jobs.  


Office Administration is a very lucrative and broad-based field with great diversity and potential for advancement opportunities; however, the job market is very tight and competitive at this time, and the bar is set high for applicants. Campbell College has 30 years’ experience training administrative professionals, and long established employer partnerships with government, non-profits, and private industries.  We know exactly what educational requirements you need, and we train our students for employment success accordingly!    


Our 8-month, full-time program focuses on enhancing clerical, and computer skills, plus equally important communication and interpersonal skills that build self-confidence. It is imperative that you are able to market yourself with confidence! Our 2-month work practicum is a “foot-in-the door” opportunity to develop valuable experience, references, additional skills and confidence, and networking contacts. 


If you’re looking for a comprehensive program that will quickly provide you with the skills needed to work in office administration, call 780-448-1850 to book an information session.



Delmar College

We believe choosing a school that offers the greatest learning environment and employment opportunities is the best path to success.  Delmar College has been inspiring students in Calgary since 1950. Today, Delmar is the most respected name in post-secondary education for Beauty Professionals and has one of the largest alumni networks within Calgary. We approach our hair and esthetic programs from a student-focused perspective and believe the education we provide is second to none. Delmar offers a variety of programs to meet the learner where they are at with 3 Day Programs, 5 Day Programs, and Evening Programs.

Delmar College instructors are experts in their fields and participate in ongoing professional development.  We are located two blocks from Chinook Station in a newly renovated facility with ample parking for clients. We are registered under the Private Vocational Training Act and are members of the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) as well as the Alberta Association of Career Colleges (AACC) and have been a long standing member of the Better Business Bureau.

“Check us out and let us share our passion for learning!”

News & Updates

AACC 2017 Annual General Meeting

2016 Annual General Meeting


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