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Alberta Association of Career Colleges
PO Box 34155
126 Kingsway Garden
Edmonton AB T5G 3G4
780 497 3171

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Benefits of Membership

Each member of the AACC automatically becomes a member of the affiliate national body, the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC).

The AACC provides a cohesive voice to advocate on behalf of its members for issues that are of common concern.

The AACC aims to increase public and industry awareness of the quality of private colleges and their programs.

Association meetings provide forums to invite speakers of interest, either from government or other sectors, so that issues common to all members can be discussed.

Membership in the Association provides an opportunity to work in cooperation with other private providers in the province.

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Mailing address:

Alberta Association of Career Colleges
PO Box 34155
126 Kingsway Garden
Edmonton AB T5G 3G4

Phone: 780 497 3171
Fax: 780 428 7733



Alberta’s Career Colleges continue to serve over 18,000 students each year.  Collectively, our 150 institutions are a significant segment of the Province’s post-secondary field.  Our voice is strongest when we demonstrate that we all stand together.


The Alberta Association of Career Colleges (AACC) works hard to advocate and network on behalf of all of Alberta’s Career Colleges.  The elected board meets monthly to coordinate and strategize on the issues facing our industry; we routinely meet with regulators and stakeholders voicing to ensure our industry is involved in policy making decisions.  


Membership fees in the AACC are reasonable and provide for the board to pursue these ongoing objectives and more.  The board is made up entirely of volunteers which means that membership fees are used exclusively for the activities to promote and protect our member schools.


The greatest benefit of all in joining the Association is that we create strength in numbers.  When opposing government policy that is challenging to our sector or when lobbying government for policy changes to make our businesses run more smoothly, our chances for success increase with ever member.   A membership form is included.  Please ensure your membership is paid for and active, or if you would like to speak with one of the board members, please feel free to contact us.

News & Updates

AACC Fall AGM and Info Session

November 1, 2018
9:00am - 3:30pm

Sawridge Inn
4235 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton, AB